Headache And Nausea: Causes And Symptoms


Headache and nausea are frequent companions of each other, which among other things occur in a variety of diseases in children and adults. That is, if you feel sick and at the same time your head splits, treatment with a cold compress and Analgin tablets will only lead to success in 60-70% of cases. Why? In this case, superficial symptoms are eliminated, and it is good if nothing is covered under them. And in the rest, it is necessary to search for possible deviations in the work of other systems of the body, which will be indicated by the accompanying symptoms.

Migraines as a probable cause

Immediately try to leave aside such obvious causes of malaise as fatigue or motion sickness: they have been written about more than once, and you can fight them in the manner described above.Much more serious if the headache and nausea are caused by migraine - a disease of the "aristocrats", which nowadays suffers at least a couple of people in a hundred.
Migraine pain - sharp, localized and not passing for a long period. One must be careful: this insidious disease has the property of returning with time.
Symptoms of prolonged headache, along with nausea, may have the following accompanying character.

•Vomiting and unwillingness to eat.
•Pale, discoloration of the face, often the appearance of red spots.
•Shortness of breath, excessive sweating, sometimes chills.
•Sensitivity to light, noise, talk.
•The appearance of stars and other light figures in the eyes.
•Dizziness accompanying the causes of headache , etc.

All the above symptoms are added to the so-called migraine aura, which foreshadows the imminent onset of an attack.

Other causes of headache and malaise

In addition to tension and migraine, nausea can be caused by food poisoning, and this fact is fully explained and known even to the child. But only the doctor can diagnose intoxication and appoint the right treatment, so if after a day after washing the stomach at home and using the simplest improvised drugs such as activated charcoal and Atoxil, the symptoms do not go away, the headache persists, you should immediately go to the examination.

headache and nausea

An indicative list containing other causes of the ailment is given below:

  1. Injuries to the skull and head, as well as the cervical spine.
  2. Increased intracranial pressure - can have various causes, ranging from a tumor and ending with jamming of blood vessels. Treatment is appointed in the form of normalizing drugs.
  3. Cervical osteochondrosis.
  4. Infectious and inflammatory processes: sinusitis and frontitis in the nasal sinus, meningitis or encephalitis in the brain tissues, etc.
  5. Ordinary cold or SARS. A constant mild cold appears in the winter, and if you do not cure a runny nose and sore throats for a long time, they grow into a real malaise.
  6. Problems with vision - fatigue, overstrain of the optic nerve, rupture of blood vessels, etc. Treatment is often required with the use of laser microsurgery.
  7. Allergy to a particular product, process or object.
  8. Increased glucose in the blood - nausea is inherent from time to time and diabetics.
  9. Hormonal failures in the body during menstruation and menopause.
  10. Overexertion of the muscles of the shoulder girdle.
  11. Stroke and harbingers of ischemic diseases, etc.

And this is not a complete list, because the described symptoms can appear due to sunstroke, and during supercooling, in the process of recovery or inflammation of the brain arteries, as a result of a violation of diet or schedule, and so on. That is why, in order to determine the causes correctly, you should undergo a survey. You may need to have an MRI and an x-ray of the cervical section, and also take tests for blood sugar or infections to prescribe treatment.

Tablets and other treatments

If you suffer constant pain in the head and is accompanied by attacks of nausea and dizziness , help drugs that stimulate blood pressure and normalize mental processes. Along with them take strengthening and restorative medications, and if the pain is too strong - of course, analgesics. We remember them first, although it is necessary to treat not the symptoms, but the causative agents of the headache.

Along with the tablets, treatment includes manual therapy in the form of a point or relaxing massage, other relaxation procedures and gymnastics for the neck and head. After all, the most important thing in restoring the body is the opportunity to relax and rest. Sometimes a good dream and proper nutrition, as well as a day devoted only to entertainment and joys, relieve all stress and eliminate unpleasant symptoms like pain and nausea, which is better than medicines.

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Headache And Nausea: Causes And Symptoms
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Headache And Nausea: Causes And Symptoms
Headache and nausea are frequent companions of each other, which among other things occur in a variety of diseases in children and adults.

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